Trump and Putin’s SECRET MEETING by Eric Prince and UAE.



Trump and Putin’s SECRET MEETING by Eric Prince and UAE.

UAE has agreed to set up a meeting between President Donald Trump of USA and President Vladimir Putin of Russia in the Seychelles. The center of that meeting is Eric Prince, as reported by Washington Post, an American billionaire and the founder of Blackwater which is a private military company, and a new member of Donald Trump’s team.
What was told to the Post by USA, European and Arab Official, that the only purpose for that meeting is to open a dialogue channel with the Russian Government away from the traditional diplomatic channels, the UAE accepted setting up this meeting in a try to convince Russia to scale back its relationship with IRAN.

This is the first time for Prince to interface officially with Trump’s team, but before that, he donated with 250000 dollar to the Trump’s Campaign, he is a great supporter to Tramp and his team from the beginning, and he is so close to the White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon.

A Spokesman for prince said that Prince had no role in the transition team, and the White House said to the newspaper that this meeting has nothing to do with the President Trump, and the so –called under- resourced intelligence Community missing around with surveillance with American Citizens.

As reported by the Posts the meeting was set up by the crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed Ben Zayed Aal Nahyan, and his brother, and agreed shortly after he met Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner, and Bannon in New York City.
Nobody even Seychelles officials themselves were aware about such a meeting like that, but also told that they won’t be surprised, and Barry Faure said that Seychelles is the best place to have good time and to be away of the media.